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Meanscript is a minimal but versatile language with text script and bytecode formats, and application programming interface (API) for C++, C#, and Java.

It's good for serializing data, but has programming features too!

GitHub: MeanscriptCLI


Support for Unicode
Another new feature is to support unicode (UTF-8) text format. You can now read and write unicode characters from source code (C++, Java), or from scripts. Non-ASCII characters can be scripted like this:
text s: "Hello \xD1\xBEorld!"    // equals "Hello Ѿorld!"
Here \x is followed by hexadecimal code of the 8-bit character sequence. Codes D1 and BE ("\xD1\xBE") combined are the UTF-8 code for the letter Ѿ. See the reference page for more information about escape (backslash) sequences.

The unicode support was made possible by a big refactoring under the hood. I started using own string type instead of native string. Meanscript’s string type (MSText) uses internally an integer array to save text in UTF-8 format. This helps also to minimize dependencies to external libraries. The plan is to use native strings (e.g. java.lang.String) only in public interfaces (API).

More examples at Meanscript's GitHub page.


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